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Behind the scenes


Nice to meet you!

We are Raegan Hartley & Alisia Cubberly, a mother daughter team from Whitefish, MT. We are Flathead Valley natives and feel lucky every day to call this place home. 

I'm Alisia and I have been involved in the food & beverage industry since 1996. I've also been a working a professional photographer for over 15 years and I've been a photographing for 406 Woman Magazine for over a decade. Of course food photography is one of my passions. In 2020 I became a partner with The Chef Guys and having been growing our businesses since.

Raegan, despite being only 10, was first put to work in a (family) restaurant over 10 years ago, portioning out sour creams and salsa. She's been in the mix ever since. Raegan also has a knack for photography and is a talented artist. She is wildly creative and the artist behind that started building our beautiful boards. Raegan plans to continue her culinary arts education & expand her skills. We are excited to see her grow as a culinary artist and entrepreneur. 



How Montana Picnic Company came to be.

We are proudly partnered with The Chef Guys (full disclosure, we are family). While being part of The Chef Guys team, and as our valley has grown, we recognized an increasing need for our service as wedding parties, event planners, dinner party hosts, and more struggled to find options and vendors for their special occasions. As we were recognizing this need we were inspired by an online video of a big city picnic company and thought "What a fun idea!" Montana is SO BEAUTIFUL and provides the most picturesque backdrop for a picnic, we knew we needed this service here! And for us it isn't just about providing food for events, it's about creating a complete and memorable experience for our clients. As we mentioned we are lucky enough to be part of The Chef Guys team & family, and they are gracious enough to share their kitchen with us, enabling The Montana Picnic Company to be born.

We have been blessed enough to work with some awesome clients and other amazing local small businesses! We can't wait to work with many many more!

Cheers! We hope to see you at our next picnic!


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